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  • Extendable 3d printer

    Hello everyone

    My name is Alex,i am working on my new 3D Printing Invention and that is a printer which can change size towards the customer needs , the smallest size is 200x200 then v2 is 200x400 and v3 is 400x400 printing size so its very big. And the best thing all this versions are one PRINTER so you can just extend and reduce how you want . Heated Bed Plate included,2 extruders,and battery. As well there will be plugins for CAD Programs such as SolidWorks, 3Ds Max, Inventor ETC.

    Check out this Facebook page and i would really like to share more information with you so i can make this printer better but i will need NDA signed first. ,please contact me here.


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    Parts for the First X3D Testing are here , you can expect video soon!


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      I don't understand the reasoning on being able to change sizes. I built a 200mm x 200mm x 300mm out of v slot. If I want I can get longer v slot to make my printer larger. But I thought about what size I might need and built it to the largest size I could see my self needing. Why would I now want to reduce it to a 100mm x100mm x100 mm? It would not print faster or more accurately. So I see the max. size being important and variabily in size being of no value. Help me understand why I should be interested.


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        cwaa, thanks for your message .
        Main idea is to make something new ,something what is not on the market, so price of the printer will be reasonable and customer could place it on his desk and print anything from smaller dimensions to bigger parts. As well i know that many people can build their own printers ,but not all of us can do that.


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          Why did you not answer my question. What benefit is there to variable size?????


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            You don't have reason to be rude or arrogant!
            Answer is there,read the message again.


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              The answer is not there. Why are you trying to not answer the question? Rude is someone who is wasting my time with an imaginary product development and then can't even defend the idea.


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                Hello Everyone ,i been away for a while working on the printer.
                So here are images and videos with updates.
                As well there will be one more thing ,integrated upgrade kit for scanner inside the printer.


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                  Please check out new promo video for the printer and website.


                  Thank you!


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                    A lot of parts worry me about this idea.
                    1. Like "cwaa" I don't understand why would you ever want to change size of 3D printer. I just can't think of a reason why would you want certain printer sizes for certain prints, unless the cost is the same as ordinary printer. Could you expand on idea behind this size change? I didn't found a good reason to want this in your website.
                    2. How will you change heatbed when you change the size?
                    3. Will you supply all sizes when you sell printer?
                    4. Bearings on rails. How will you stop print head from dropping lower when it slides across the rail? I guess springs in bearings, if there are springs then it means that to move printhead will require more force than on conventional one piece rail am I right is there some more magic?
                    5. Will wiring be necessary to change when changing the size? The printhead will have to cover a larger area.
                    6. What about wear and tear? How often can you change sizes and not regard wear ant tear?


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