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3D Printed Furniture

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    3D Printed Furniture

    Hey everyone !
    I am Piyush Saxena. I am really excited to join this forum regarding 3D Printing.

    I love the idea of 3D Printing. One can 3D Print whatever he/she may like. Although there are a few challenges involved.
    For example, I came across a platform known as 'Wikifactory', where you can find really exciting projects regarding 3D Printing.

    Those days are gone when we used to buy normal furniture by going in the shops. Now, the time has come when you can literally 3D print the furniture as per your own disposal. I am sharing a very exciting story which is regarding 3D Printed Furniture. The story has been written by Mr. Joris Peels.

    Link to the story:

    Go through the story and have fun !
    Let me know if you have any questions. I would love to answer them !

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