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    Crowd sourcing initiative website


    I'm a young high school student living in Baltimore MD. Four years ago, I was astonished by the technology of home consumer 3D-Printing. I saved up enough money to buy a cheap printer that could barely function. With this machine, I was able to win a design contest and earn a very nice Lulzbot Mini. Over the years, I have used the printer to participate in initiatives such as E-Nable and 3D printing devices for the visually impaired. However, I still believe there is more that home consumer 3D printing can offer to our society. So, I embarked on the mission to create a website independently, that would unite the community of makers in order to crowdsource various projects that improve our world.

    I call it Hope3D

    My first project is to 3D print a low cost, biofriendly, and effective artificial coral reef that will be submerged in the waters of Belize! I've worked diligently on this project all summer; there is 400 individual ~4in parts that make one massive 3ft^3 device. You can check it all out under Project Reef.
    I worked on this mission alone and I now need to build a community that will participate in my projects. In the future, I plan on mass producing devices to help individuals that are less fortunate with this platform as well.

    If anyone can please be kind enough to print out some parts for me then I would be more than thankful! I really worked hard on this and plan to introduce new ideas from the community as well, so if you have an idea then let me know under the contact form on the website. Please share this around the community!

    Please let me know what we can do for a collaboration.


    Hey, well done you for entering into the art of Witch-Craft that is 3d printing.

    I'm very interested in this project of yours.... additionally, I have had much success with some home built machines with print beds of 3ft x 2 ft & currently assembling my 500mm dia Delta Monster... which is simpler than I could have ever thought.
    Happy to share ideas with you any time, so feel free to PM me & we can then load the best bits here for others to read.
    Grant-B UK - England


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