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Opinion on the quality of this 3D print?

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    Opinion on the quality of this 3D print?

    Hi there,

    I apologise if this is in the wrong place, or if this kind of post is not encouraged!

    I have just had a couple of parts printed for a quadcopter remote control, an antenna mount. The 3D model was not made by me but I will attach the two STL files to this message.

    I have just received the parts, printed by a fairly well-known 3D printing service, and I am really not sure whether to accept the quality of them or not. I am very new to 3D printing and this is the second thing I have had printed, so I don't know if these prints are actually very good quality for what I have received, or if they are pretty poor and could be a lot better. I think the main issues are the lack of neatness around the curved antenna holes, which I realise could easily be tidied up and filed, and also the thinness of the walls in some areas. I did not expect the infill (is that the right term?) to be 100% solid but has the person skimped a little too much when printing this?

    I hope you can see my concerns in the photos I have attached, when compared to the model, and I would appreciate any thoughts or opinions on whether I have actually got a very good print or a not-so-good print - being new to 3D printing I just don't know where the thresholds of good and bad prints are.

    Many thanks for looking over this!


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