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Metal 3d printed helmet won AMUG technical competition

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    Metal 3d printed helmet won AMUG technical competition

    Toronto-based 3D printing company, Custom Prototypes Inc. has won an International technical 3D printing competition held this week at the AMUG conference in St. Louis MO. Their entry was a reproduction of a mythical golden galea presumably once worn by Roman General and Cleopatra’s partner Mark Antony.
    The Project commenced with in-depth research and 3d modeling conducted by San Diego based antiquity artifacts digital designer and art history investigator - Cosmo Wenman.
    Once digital model was ready Custom Prototypes produced all metal parts using so called DMLS (Direct Metal Laser Sintering) process. This additive manufacturing technology employs powerful laser beam to turn powdered metal into a solid stainless steel object. Afterwards all parts underwent elaborate manual and electro polishing process. Two, Ontario based plating companies applied nickel and 24 carat gold on the surfaces.
    All the gems and the plume crest brush are 3D printed in photosensitive resin using SLA (stereolithography) technology.
    3D printing makes to the main street in a very fast pace. Today we can create parts of complicated shapes and in hundreds of materials. The golden galea is a good illustration how complex geometries and exotic materials can be combined to produce an artifact worthy a museum exhibit.

    Wow, that helmet looks very nice. Wouldn't be able to tell it was 3D printed! Nice job.


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