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My First Benchy

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  • QuesodelDiablo
    started a topic My First Benchy

    My First Benchy

    After a week or two of tweaking, I finally got my FLSun Prusa i3 (1.75mm E3D V5 head, heated bed, aluminum frame, auto level that I can't make work) running reliably and printing consistently. Here is my first attempt at a Benchy. 190*C Hot end, 50*C bed, .2mm layers, 20% infill, MG Chemicals brand PLA.

    Overall I'm quite happy with the results for this early in my 3DP career. I've still got some tuning to do in order to improve quality, but on dimensional checks this guy is within .1mm-.4mm from spec, more typically .1mm-.2mm (or less) and only a couple spots that go beyond that.

    I'm still getting quite a bit of "stringiness", I think from when the head makes travel moves. My next task is to clean that up.

  • W0J0
    Congrats! That's looking pretty good

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