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    Giveaway 30 Minute Mechanisms

    Hello Everyone

    I am going to spend the next few weeks exploring mechanisms.

    I have created many types of spur gears on a universal mount which you are welcome to try.

    If there are any mechanisms you would like to see let me know and I will at least try. I will be doing cams next.

    Happy Printing

    Sounds like fun, count me in


      Cut out the middle man and buy yourself a copy of the Mechanisms and Mechanical Devices Sourcebook.
      It's an excellent reference and is well written by people who fully understand their subject,


        Cool stuff. What software are you using to design your models?

        Also, not my thread but thanks for the book suggestion Nick. Looks interesting, I may have to pick it up, or at least leave it on a wish list for myself.


          I am in need or a worm driven set up.... where by a 60mm main gear is driven by a worm/lead screw .
          PM me to share some contact details... can share some for your time if req, & have several other niknaks needing doing too...

          Ideally need the parts as printable STL files.
          A little frame to secure the lot is desirable.
          Shaft dia for all parts =5mm.
          Bearings to be used for the worm screw to support the 5mm shaft. bearings = 10mm OD x 5mm bearing case width with 5mm inner bore.
          The lead/worm screw needs to drive from UNDER the main gear, & frame support to keep the 5mm shaft horizontally approx 15mm Above base of frame. Sketch attached.

          This is for a remote tilt mechanism for my Xbox 360 Kinect Scanner to be wall mounted in a decent vibration proof case.

          Hoping you can help.
          Grant B Click image for larger version

Name:	X Box 360 Kinect Tilt Mech.jpg
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Size:	219.0 KB
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            Grant B, Have you tried .


              Hi Rick, YUP, I found the exact thing I needed on the Universe of things


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