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CAD Design Help needed - UK

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    CAD Design Help needed - UK

    CAD Design Help needed - UK.
    I'm pretty good at all 3D-printing technical & mechanical/electronic, but simply do not have time to learn CAD... & my CAD skills are totally crap.
    I need to get some new printer parts drawn up, & some vehicle parts too...

    I'm based in the UK - West Midlands & ideally want some help from some one in the UK, due to lots of calls necessary to get details explained etc.
    I can pay for the time with Pay-Pal deposits for you, or mail printer parts to assist your projects, as I have a huge stock of useful parts & items for many brands of 3D printers.

    Any takers ?


    I'd love to help you.
    I'm from the UK, but now live and work in the US.
    I have clients already that are 2000 miles away so being a bit further can't hurt can it?
    I'm a an automation and custom machine designer by trade and just got into 3D printing myself.

    All the best,



      Hi Grant

      I am a design engineer, any more details on how involved this would be?


        Good afternoon,
        many thanks for the reply.

        The parts to be drawn up are relatively simple... some basic brackets & bearing holders for a 3D printer project to aid completion of the device & some car parts, trim fixings etc.
        I have power points & dimensional sketches.

        Are you in the UK or abroad ?

        PM me if possible.
        Grant B


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