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  • Tsunami Mk4 Hot End

    Just acquired new toy.
    ***Tsunami Hot end***
    options for multiple heating elements, .06 0.8 1.0 1.2 mm material laydown.

    Ive managed to squeeze an Actual 80mms laydown of 1mm dia material for rapid prototyping prints.

    I nailed this to my Flash Forge Dreamer, used Simplify3D to co'erse BOTH heating elements into action at once feeding One nozzle.

    this thing is insulated to the hilt, 15 minutes to fit & requires No machine modification.
    Some logic & good machining has gone into this concept & there is provision to have 3 heating elements powered by a remote relay, driven by the original element power feed & using a cheap seperate power supply strapped into the machine.

    with some coaxing, i think I can squeeze 90mms laydown if im gentle with the infill on the two element set up as it is now.

    With 3 heating elements, the heat transfer & extrusion loss/drain should cope with the 1.2mm nozzle at 100mms - according to the math !

    Pictures to follow when Ive tidied the wiring up a bit.
    The options were for M7 & M6 threaded nozzles, with options on the input tube diameter too.... so it will fit any thing using Mk8 or Mk10 Extruder set-ups.

    I managed to get these 3 prototypes, as I have 4 Dreamers & was able to prove it to the company trialing these things.

    The deal with this set is that .... with some very basic electrical handywork, & 55 for the complete extruder hot end, its possible go have a standard 0.4 nozzle AND this monster fitted to a dual extruder machine, so you can switch between precision or rapid bulk prints at the press of a button...

    pictures to follow soon.

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