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  • 3D Printing Project - University of Leicester

    Hello all,

    I am a final year Physics student at the University of Leicester, in England and currently undertaking a project in the 3D printing industry. I have created two surveys to gain an insight into the industry.

    The first is aimed at designers in the industry and the challenges they face. If you are a designer, I would appreciate if you could fill out the survey below:

    The second is an outline of the startup company with questions centred on its description. Anyone can take this survey. However, if you are a designer in the industry and would like to answer both surveys please complete the previous survey first before doing this one:

    As I said I am just a student looking for help and am by no means an expert in the industry so please take this into consideration. I thank anyone who completes either of these surveys, as it is extremely beneficial to my learning and the project I am currently doing.

    All responses are anonymous.

    Thanks for your time help and I look forward to the results.
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