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Introducing Layrhead: The world's first digital warehouse for 3D printing

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    Introducing Layrhead: The world's first digital warehouse for 3D printing

    Hello everyone at! We are Layrhead, founded on May 17th 2016 by Ben & Will. We design and produce flagship 3D printing products on our service on Layrstore and we also enable 3rd party vendors to sell 3D printing products on our services too from Layrmarket via Layrstore. We design this service because we feel it stands out from the crowd with our vision, building a 3D printing service for the creators not just for the sake of 3D printing or being another 3D printing website. We have something to offer that will make 3D printing experience different from other online digital 3D printing services, such as the use of collaborative social activity with the 3D printing community, online courses, HTML5 interactive 3D printing experiences, digital 3D printing jobs that are built into the Layrhead service. We are excited to see what you think about the service. Please contact us here: for more information or any enquires.

    Promotional Video:

    Explore & Discover Layrhead:

    Stay Ahead With Layrhead.

    Layrhead Team.

    I can't make heads or tails about what you are offering. If you can't describe it, I don't need it!


      Nice video, but I'm not sure exactly what you do. Would be good to have a single sentence describe the service you offer.



        So I assume that your core product is a website that allows users to sell 3D prints?

        Sounds a good idea but, as above, perhaps a simplified description of what you do would be beneficial.

        Will @ 3DEX Ltd /


          I've just looked, its seems kind if unfinished and nothing to do with 3d printing ??


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