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Automated Ejecting Print Bed

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    Automated Ejecting Print Bed

    Hey guys,
    My group and I in engineering have been working on designing a print bed which can easily remove a finished printed part without fail. Our design does not sacrifice quality and can work for any printed part (unless the pieces are very very small). The bed can eject parts in less than a minute and leaves the printer ready to start a new job; given the right software, a printer could go through a queue of jobs just like a regular inkjet printer.

    In the video, a series of parts are ejected from our prototype. The bed is no thicker than 1" and can be adapted to any printer/print size. Many different print surfaces have been tested, any many surfaces can work with this design; however acrylic has shown the most success with minimal calibration because PLA sticks to acrylic VERY well (almost too well), but because of our system which applies distributed forces it is still capable of removing parts. An Acrylic surface in our case means that warping and heated platforms are a thing of the past AND we no longer have the hassle of scrapping parts off the bed.

    Once a part is dislodged from the surface, many methods could be used to remove it from the printer like using the print head to push them or using a tipping mechanism to have them slide off.

    I'm posting this today because we are looking for feedback on the design. We'd like to know what you think / would you use this / would you prefer other features? Any comments are greatly appreciated, please let us know!

    We also have a website, though at the moment it is under construction and missing a lot of information.

    Again, any feedback is good feedback!
    Thanks for your help.
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    You got me curious, but I get an error from YouTube, that the video was removed.


      sorry, not sure what happen to that link. i updated it now. thanks for the heads up


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