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    Hello Everyone ,

    I am planning to build my own 3d printer of 500x500x500mm build area I own a creator pro and I am planning to replicate it. So in order to replicate it I need to know all the things to be considered for such build area. How do i calculate the stepper motor required for build area ? Can i use the same stepper motor as used in Creator Pro?
    Also, please help me how to install sailfish firmware to the mighty-board apart from the method given here

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    I too was looking to build my own until I accidentally deleted the design work. In doing my research I looked at the stepper motors as well. I found that it is not how far the stepper motors travel, it is the load that they carry. 500mm you should be OK. I would be most concerned about the weight of the build plate and carriage. Try to make it out of Aluminium if you can.

    I assume you are using the standard NEMA 17 motors.


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      I would spend some time looking at this site.


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        Thank you for your responses , considering the weight factor i think i should make my build plate stationary, currently working on this, will update soon


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            If I print something of dimensions 500x500x500mm approx it will add more weight and will affect the motion of the bed , so I think the better option would be to keep the bed stationary and move the extruder assembly


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              I would not worry about the weight of the plastic.


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                Ditto... the main thing is keeping everything stable with no bending or warping of the frame and if the build plate moves in Z that it is well supported and solid.


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                  Hello everyone thanks for your replies. I am done with the designing part and have somewhat completed my build and was testing the z axis with some combinations like--
                  1. Lifting the z axis with two motors placed at center ,as this will not require any timing belt, and supporting the gantry with four 10mm smooth rods at the corners(refer picture- With two motors). But it didn't work well as while lifting the extruder assembley up and down there was no equal displacement of the gantry, i.e at one side it was higher while on the other side it was low. Even after adjusting the height of the four ends I get the same error and it was not constant value like sometimes there was 2mm height difference and sometimes less, because if that height difference was constant I could have adjusted my bed to counter that deviation.

                  2. Then I tried using 1 motor and 4 lead screw connected through timing belts (refer pic- With one motor and timing belt), I must say had a hard time finding the 3meter closed loop belt but didn't find then came across some experimental videos on youtube and somehow joined the two ends of the belts, but when I tested it to lift the z axis it get struck at some places during upward motion however during down motion it was running smooth. I think there might be some issue with the rods alignment but don't know how I can correct that. Is there's any way to corect this issue?
                  Thanks in advance


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