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Removing support from the model after printing

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    Need Help: Removing support from the model after printing

    We are really really very new in 3d printing and need help. Lots of it.
    We have printed some models from thingiverse and they have come out OK. We printed an Iphone 4s case yesterday, also from thingiverse. We had to add raft and support to the base. The raft part came out quickly, but the support part is still on the model. Is there any way to remove it?
    We are using Makerbot Replicator 5th gen printer, with Sketchup Pro and Makerbot software.

    I use pliers and a razor to remove mine. (Sometimes use them together mostly seperate)


      The best solution is to use a dual-extruder printer with one extruder dedicated to soluble support material. If you use HIPS (high impact poly-styrene)it dissolves in limonene; you can also use PVA filament (if you can find it) that dissolves in water. But for some reason, none of the low-end consumer level FFF printers seem to have worked out exactly how to do this, although it's been a standard feature on Stratasys Dimension printers for some time. I don't know of any of these cheap printers that have demonstrated the ability to do this, although it's really a crucial feature if the true potential of these machines for freeform fabrication is to be realized. I won't buy one until they do it; here's why:

      Andrew Werby


        I use pliers and a scalpel for finishing the sensitive areas... takes a lot of time.


          Pliers and scalpel for me too Thank Andrew for your post!


            We used pliers to remove the support. It came out ok.