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Which Da Vinci Printer should I buy?

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    Need Help: Which Da Vinci Printer should I buy?

    Hi everyone,
    I am new to 3d printing and am looking to buy my first 3d Printer.

    I am on a budget and am currently looking at the Da Vinci range but am undecided on which printer I should get.

    The 1.0A is the cheapest and seems like it would do me fine. About $900 AUD from an Aussie supplier. But they also have another 2 models and I am undecided if I should spend a little bit more for the extras. They are also selling the 1.0AIO with built in scanner and the 2.0 which can print in dual colors. They are both around the same price $1200AUD.

    I like the idea of having the scanner and was about to commit to it, but the videos I have seen of it on YouTube, the scans looked kind of rough and crappy. Though the users demonstrating were new to the printer.

    Does the scanner have potential that can be unlocked via experience or extra settings or a custom firmware flash? Or is it a case of WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get)?

    Also, if I decide to pass on the All-in-one, should I go for the 2.0? Does it have better specs, or is it the same printer with an extra print head?

    Thanks for any advice you guys and girls can give me.

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    Actually, I have found another model I am looking at.
    Flashforge Creator Pro Dual Head

    I think this is a better printer, and a good first printer for a newbie.



      Based on what I have heard about the Da Vinci printers I would go with the Flashforge Creator Pro. I have also heard great things about the Creator Pro, so it's probably the better of the two options you list.


        Thanks Andrew!
        I was beginning to think people on this forum didn't like me, lol

        I've put a deposit on the Creator Pro and am really happy I decided on that one. Will complete the purchase in the next 2 weeks.
        The shop tells me that there is a new model of the creator pro coming out and I will be getting one of those.

        I really liked the Da Vinci AIO as it has a 3d scanner, too bad it doesn't perform better.

        The FlashForge Creator Pro is costing me around $1500AUD. I thought it was only gonna cost $1300, but that price didnt include tax and shipping lol.
        Can you suggest a good scanner for a guy on a budget? I'd like to pay less than my printer if possible. Under $1500AUD


          Consumer scanners aren't the best right now. Most of them are pretty much just fancy toys and won't give great results. One of the better options out there is the Scanify hand held by Fuel3D, but it still has some downsides. I am a bit spoiled though as I use the Artec Eva and Space Spider on a daily basis.

          If you are just looking to get started scanning, you might want to look into photogrammetry. It's inexpensive to get into since you can use pretty much any camera and there are a few free software options out there:


            Oh I just saw a video on youtube doing something like that.
            He printed himself which I thought was pretty cool, though the scan did look pretty rough.
            Here's the video: