Hello, I am looking at getting my first printer over the next month or so. I want to make sure I get something that will last me quite a while, and I have a little bit of experience printing a few items here and there with some printers I have had access to. I was originally looking at the anycubic mega pro so that I could play around with some laser engraving as well, but then I found the creality CR-10 and the larger print volume really appeals to me.
The problem I am having is choosing between the CR-10 v3 Direct Drive and the CR-10 Smart. I want to be able to experiment with TPU and other flexible filaments which is why the direct drive hot end seems like a good choice, but I don't know much about leveling the bed or how much of a hassle that is. Would it be better to get the CR-10 smart and upgrade the hot end to a direct drive at some point, or is leveling the bed no big deal and I should stick with the direct drive from the manufacturer?
I'd love to hear any and all opinions, or if anyone has other suggestions for printers!