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Ender 5 Plus adhesion problems

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    Ender 5 Plus adhesion problems

    I recently purchased an Ender 5 Plus. The assembly went well but I'm having trouble with the PLA not sticking to the back end of the build plate (the side opposite of the Ender logo). I have included STL and gcode files as well as pictures so you can see what I am trying to print and how the model is lifting off the right rear of the build plate. Please note the same problem also occurs at the left rear side.

    I tried printing this model with a “raft” and without a “raft” and got the same results of the model lifting and not sticking to the back end of the build plate.

    It should be noted that I’m using the PLA filament that came with the Ender 5 Plus.

    What can I do to correct this bed adhesion problem? Thank you in advance for helping me with this situation.

    I'm getting the same, but front left and back left, I keep adjusting the bed height to compensate, but its a pain, brim don't work at all, rafts are lifting/curling and I'm getting 'stringing'. Using PLA from Real Filament, bed temp 65, nozzle temp 210. Done auto and manual levelling and it makes no difference. If you find out a solution. I'd appreciate a heads up.


      clean it with acetone, and get some 3DLac spray, you’ll never look back


        I'm just new to everything, so I have no authority to talk... But whilst playing with my Ender-3 S1 Plus for several hours, I also found out that bed levelling is crucial, and playing with the temperatures is important as well. Look for some how-to videos on YT...

        I was having poor results and, by increasing the bed temperature and the PLA, in the end I have started to obtain something. Sadly, it depends on the object (standing or laying flat on the bed, with supports or without) and also on the day. With the same PLA spool, some days I have to lower the bed temperature and increase the PLA temperature, some other days increase or decrease both. Basically, every day I have to play with the temperatures setting of the PLA and the bed, but I have found some sort of stability... Best advice, try to increase both bed and PLA temperature, then when you see that you cannot take off the item from the bed, lower its temperature until you are able to remove it, but keep the PLA temperature the way it is... Then check if it is ok or not... And keep on playing until you will find an average configuration. Then, you can always change those params whilst printing, so for example you can start with a hot (65-70 degrees) bed and a 215-220 PLA, then lower the bed to 60 after a few layers, and then the PLA as well.
        You have to experiment and also read on the Spool the temperature range of the PLA, because one temperature is not enough... Good luck