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QIDI X-MAX / Flexion / Motherboard upgrades?

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    QIDI X-MAX / Flexion / Motherboard upgrades?

    Hello everyone - I just bought my first 3D Printer, a QIDI X-MAX, which is the largest enclosure version they sell. I like to CAD things out from time to time, and as it so happens... i'm working on repairs of a John Deere lawn machine, and had to print some parts.

    I've been using ABS as my primary test bed for hardended parts, but needed some more flexability on materials, and I also noticed that the packaged extruders don't seem to do a GREAT job. They do an 'ok" job.... but everyone said "go with the Flexion extruders." So I ordered a set.... The Single with the HT.

    2 big problems I've run into:

    1) The Extruder, despite the research, and the support instructions, doesn't match up at all to the carriage or the bracket. Screw holes are all off, the stock heat synch won't swap, and the supplied heat synch doesn't fit the bracket.

    2) The motherboard on the QIDI X-MAX went bad after about 2 weeks of ownership. They're sending me a new one, but who knows how long this is going to take or if it's coming from China

    3) People have raved stating the QIDI support is unmatched! But I imagine that may be for people living in China. Because they seem to work on Hong Kong hours, not US hours, so If I send an e-mail to them, correspondence is usually at around 2am when i'm sleeping, and when I respond back, it's an entire day before I hear back again.... I do hear back, just not thrilled that there's no one local to work with. I also found several reviews saying this machine out does the print quality of the Prusa.... and it's enclosed.... but who knows.

    I don't know if anyone has any experience with the X-MAX or X-Pro, but I was thinking of just buying a better motherboard, and swapping it out, and finding someway to mount the Flexion. Has anyone does this? I mean, how complicated is it to put an aftermarket motherboard in without changing anything else? They won't take a return of the product. And I spent a good $1200 on the printer itself.