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Can't get rid of elephant foot.

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    Need Help: Can't get rid of elephant foot.

    Hey guys!

    I am fairly new to 3d printing, I recently bought a Crealty Ender 3 Pro. For the past 3 weeks, I have been trying to get rid, or at least minimalise elephant foot at the bottom of my prints, both with PLA and ABS.

    Here is what I have tried so far (using Cura slicer), with a simple 2 by 2 cm cube, exported as an STL from Blender:

    1. initial layer horizontal expansion (down to -2 mm, in 0.5 increments) -> no visible change
    2. initial layer flow (down to 70%, in 10% increments) -> no change at all
    3. z axis steps/mm (all my models, regardless of height were shorter by 0.25 mm in the Z axis, X and Y were fine) -> print final height now OK, but still, elephant foot
    4. printed a single layer, to check bed leveling and layer height -> both were good, as far as I can tell, I measured the thickness with a caliper
    5. reduced bed temperature and nozzle temperature (ABS), down to the point where the corners of the cube started to curl up, and also in higher layers there were several layer separations (bed 85 C, nozzle 235 C) -> seemed like the foot got smaller, but still consideralbe
    6. print on a raft -> again, seemed like the foot got smaller, but still bigger than what I would like
    7. many different combinations of the above, one where all settings were used -> none seemed to solve the issue

    At this point, I am completely lost, what could be the cause, and I am out of ideas.
    Does any one know what could be the problem? Any suggestion would be worth a try.

    Thanks a lot

    You could first try calibrating extruder. Some pictures of your print could be useful to see what's happening. What layer height did you use? What first layer height? Did you try with different slicer?


      Uploaded a picture of few of the test cubes. The leftmost is the one -1mm initial layer horizontal expansion, the middle is reduced nozzle temp, and the right one is reduced initial layer flow. Few of the cubes I printed had a hole on the top, to test for stringing. I tried using both 0.2mm and 0.16mm layer height, and the first layer height was the same. I don't know which slicer to try, do you have a recommendation?

      Anyway, I will try the extruder calibration tomorrow, and see if it changes anything.


        Try with the Chep profiles for Cura

        I bet the middle one is Abs. There you see warping in the middle. Try abs with no part fan and be aware of draft in the room from open door or windows. And Abs you have to print no less as 240 degrees from my experience.
        The elephant foot can be a setting like first layer flow % or width. So try the Cheps profiles with a recent cura version. Some like Prusa slicer a lot but I prefer Cura.


          actually, all of the prints in the picture are ABS. I will check out the Cheps profiles, thank you!


            So I did the extruder calibration (it only needed a very slight adjustment for the steps/mm), and tried printing the test using the Chep profile.
            The result seems to be much better, there is only a very small foot. I will see if I am able to completely get rid of it by playing around in the Chep profile, but even if this is the best I can get, I think I can work with that.

            Thanks Robbel!