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Strange problem, hard to describe.

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    Strange problem, hard to describe.

    Not "new" tot 3d printing, but i'm not very experienced... I have a velleman k8400 for a few years now. Recently I tried to use the printer again(stood still for a few years) but I have a really strange problem. I hope I can explain it.
    The picture shows the first layer of my print. It started at the right lower corner. Then made perfect 45 degree diagonal lines, until it reached the left lower corner. A few lines(about 10) kept returning to the left lower corner. Resulting in too much plastic in that corner and tearing up the print. After this the next lines aren't 45 degrees anymore.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	20200518_2200202.jpg
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    Click image for larger version

Name:	20200518_220020.jpg
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ID:	126270

    At the end of the first layer it is clear that the lines aren't 45 degrees anymore:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	20200518_220030.jpg
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Size:	1.89 MB
ID:	126271

    What have I done to tacle this problem:
    - first i went to to visualize my gcode. This is a screenshot:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	gcode.png
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ID:	126272

    - Thats why I thought that de g code interpreter of my printer was messed up. Velleman does not update their firmware anymore so I uploaded a much newer Marlin version which is already configured to use on a K8400. Found here

    But... still the same problem. I really really don't understand it. I hope somebody else does? Thank you

    Hello Vjenne,

    I have not a lot of experience at all.
    I see a few small holes as well. Could it be that it is 'old' filament which is not stored in a humidity box?
    This way the filament is to 'wet'.


      My filament definitely is old, but actually the quality, with al the holes, is the same as a few years ago.(official velleman filament)

      BUT! I solved my issue!!!! It's so stupid, after 5 firmware updates I still had the same issue. The only thing I didn't replace was myself.... Duh. It turns out that the piece I wanted to print was larger than my printer could handle. Instead of displaying an error, or just stop at the end, in the same 45 degree angle, it replaces all Y coordinates above 180 to 180. Resulting in this problem.
      Pff annoying....


        Wauw, that is a great find. Something I could't do by myself.
        Glad you found a solution. If you'd like you can have a look at my problem, posted it 2 days ago.