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Trying to print a funnel, bad results

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    Trying to print a funnel, bad results

    Hi all, I just got my 1st 3d printer and am not having much success printing.

    I am trying to print a small funnel, and it looks ok from the outside but is all messed up in the inside Please tell me what I'm doing wrong. I made 2 funnels so far, one using slic3r and one using cura. (I got the stl file from thingiverse and did not modify it)

    I also tried printing a gcode file I downloaded from the printer manufacturer's website and that came out pretty good, so that leads me to believe the problem is in the slicing step.

    Here are the settings I just used in cura to print my 2nd funnel:
    layer height 0.1mm
    wall thickness 0.8mm
    wall line count 2
    top/bottom thickness 0.8mm
    top thickness 0.8mm
    top layers 8
    bottom thickness 0.8mm
    bottom layers 8
    infill density 20
    infill pattern grid
    printing temp 180
    speed 40 mm/s
    enable retraction yes
    build plate adhesion type brim

    Click image for larger version

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    Hi Squishy,

    What size nozzle are you using?
    What kind of filament?