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Strange line in print

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    Strange line in print

    Hello all,

    I've you can spare some time I would really like some help. The issue is not to big, I think, but I cannot figure it out myself.

    I've been experimenting with new filament and net nozzles. At the moment I'm using a 0.8mm nozzle due to larger prints. That's where I've found out the 'strange' lines on my prints, as you can see in the pictures. What I find interesting is that the 'line shift' is over the complete outer layer. I've tried to adjust the temperature. I'll sum op my settings:

    - Printer: Creality CR-10
    - Slicer program: Cura
    - Filament: Colorfabn nGen (stored in climate controlled environment)
    - Nozzle: 0.8mm
    - Bed: Heated glass bed 85 degrees
    - Layerhight: 0.2mm
    - Initial layerhight: 0.3mm
    - Layer width: 0.8mm
    - all Flows: 100%
    - Wall speed: 20 mm/s
    - Travel speed: 70 mm/s
    - Retraction Distance: 8mm
    - Retraction speed: 30 mm/s

    There is no picture of the top, as I've had a wrong setting on the support (15%) it looks bad! I know what went wrong. (as I am Dutch I tried to safe some money on filament LOL)

    Left cube: 220 degrees C
    Middle cube: 230 degrees C
    Right cube: 240 degrees C

    Thanks in advance for your help.Click image for larger version

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