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Looking to build a DIY - Mendel the best option? Also controller questions....

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    Looking to build a DIY - Mendel the best option? Also controller questions....

    Hello all,

    I have some experience with 3D printing - via makerbot specifically, but not my own. I'm looking to get into it as I'm quite a tinkerer and would like to build my own, for the experience as well as to spread out the cost. I'm in Australia so generally speaking printers seem to be more expensive.

    Anyway, my question to you all is what build option would you recommend? I've read quite a bit about the Mendel I2 design, but it also seems to be a little dated so I thought maybe there would be a new design that works better or some which others preferred.

    Additionally, in my research I'm confidant in the majority of the build as I am quite techincally minded, however I am struggling to find clarity on the controllers I need. I understand I need a motherboard, arduino of some kind, a power source, and maybe some end stops (which I think is very good idea to have).

    Here is the link to one of the controller kits I was considerring but am struggling to work out if it is enough or if I would need anything else as well.

    Any light you could shed would be great!


    Hello tvirks,
    I'm new to 3D printing myself but had the same idea. My grandson introduced me to this hobby two months ago when he had to leave college due to Covid-19. Long story short, he came to stay with me due to his parents showing signs of the virus. For two days all he seemed to talk about was school, girls and 3D printing. I purchased a Creality CR-10 with a hope of bonding with him. Forty two years difference in age really didn't give us much to talk about or be able to do together. Two months after the purchase I now know a little about printing, Raspberry Pi and the neighbors daughter.
    I found these three sights that offered instruction and two have parts list for building a 3D printer. I wanted to learn what I could so he and I could communicate after he went back to college and to give me some more knowledge in my newest hobby. The first one is a two hour video about everything you can think about regarding 3D printers. This may be your question answered in detail. The next two are the ones mentioned with parts list. There are others on YouTube that may give you some idea as to what you are wanting but this is a good starting point, so my grandson tells me.