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This is fun..

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    This is fun..

    No, really it is.

    It's the first bit of equipment I've fully been able to play around with and hasn't worked out for me, yet!

    Not that I know much about what I'm doing, but it's awesome to feel this enthusiasm about something I know such little about.

    This is how my first print came out. Any advice would be greatly appreciated to a newbie.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_20200314_022143.jpg
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Size:	1.17 MB
ID:	125224

    Welcome to the forum.
    It is recommended you read the guidelines and provide as much information as possible so we have a clue to your problem. Also, searching the forum for others who have encountered similar issues may provide an answer with out duplicating efforts
    The picture and scarce info you posted do not lead to any possible solutions..

    extruder temp?
    layer thickness?
    What is it supposed to be?

    As many of the above and probably more would help anyone who might try to assist to come up with possible suggestions.


      if that is what the STL file looks like then you have a perfect match on the first try. none of us can see the model file that you used so maybe your print failed somehow. simultaneous thumbs up thumbs down.