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Ender 3 pro bridge problem

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    Ender 3 pro bridge problem

    My problem is that when the nozzle is printing the cross part and it reach the center, it change the direction to 90
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    I don't know how to add more text to the main post explaining my problem.



      You have to remember the printer will not cross over walls it has already printed, that will cause the nozzle to crash into the wall it has already printed at that layer. The printer wants to follow the outline or wall of each face of the model. In your model it will do the walls of each pie wedge shape then the outside wall or in reverse in a pattern that doesn't cross any walls in that print layer.

      I'm guessing there is no support in the middle where they cross and the part is sagging down?
      If that is the case you have two options.

      1. Flip the print over 180 degrees in your slicer on the print bed so that the crossed section rests on the bed at the start of printing. Then you don't need to add supports.
      2. In your slicer options turn on or add supports to hold up the crossed section as you print.

      Let us know how it works or give me some more details if I'm not understanding your problem correctly.