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First printing layer Problem

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    First printing layer Problem

    Hello Guys,
    does any one know why I get this while printing the first layer ?
    I am using creality cr-10 s5

    Bed temperature? If the bed is too cold it will cause the first layer to shrink/distort/release in that manner.

    Extruder temperature? If the extruder is too cool it can cause similar problems in adhesion/distortion. Also, running the fan while laying down the first layer can cause that problem.

    Layer height? If the first layer is too thin or too thick it can cause adhesion problems. Your picture shows poor adhesion as well as distortion (although it does not look too thick).

    Any or all of these can affect what you are showing.

    As much as I can I have been using .3 or .35 first layer with 70 deg bed and 215 deg extruder with no fan.


      Hi FahadnAlahmad, I have some tips for you. The first thing is you have to level your print surface properly, Many newer printers have automatic leveling, so if this is you, just make sure that you’ve run the leveling sequence already. Then, you should clean your print surface. Because, If your print surface is dirty and greasy, your freshly-tuned first layer settings won’t do much. The first layer will most likely fail to adhere, and your print will fail. You should also consider the materials, make sure that you consider the materials at hand. This goes for both the filament you’re printing with, as well as your printer’s print surface. For more information, you may visit our website


        have always had that 1st layer issue
        Use a raft and tape corners down helps
        So do tacking first couple layers w super glue

        Im pretty new at this too
        really sucks when 8 hours goes down the drain when things shift sideways mid build

        good luck