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Extruder slipping problem

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    Extruder slipping problem

    I have a new printer that I built from kit and it mostly works great.
    The problem Is that the extruder stepper continuously slips on the filament even though the print is good quality.
    This is a delta printer with remote extruder stepper and I am at a loss to identify the cause.

    So far I have checked the gear on the stepper to make sure it was not loose on the shaft, verified filament flow when not printing (it does not slip then), and checked print quality. I even went so far as to disassemble the extruder stepper and filament clamp that holds the filament against the stepper drive gear and made certain everything was installed properly and tight. The filament spool is not binding and the filament gets to the extruder stepper with no drag.

    I have been mostly using .2mm layers, 200 deg extruder temp with PLA and a .4mm nozzle. Printing with Repetier and adjusting the flow rate between 90% and 120% has no effect on the amount or frequency of the slippage

    The only 2 things I see as possibilities are
    1. The spring that holds the filament against the gear might be weak. It is new, but might not be strong enough to adequately pinch the filament against the gear.
    2. The pulley/wheel that backs the filament against the gear may be for a 3mm filament instead of the 1.75mm filament and not adequately pinching the filament against the gear.. I don't know if there is a difference in the wheels used for this purpose or not.

    The kit was sold claiming it was for 1.75 mm filament but with this problem I question if it is a part problem or something else. I have even gone so far as to order the extruder stepper parts again just in case there is a problem with them.

    Anybody have suggestions of what may be the issue or fixed a similar problem? I have not found an answer here as yet.

    my brand new ender 3 did that and it was something super simple try not running the bed so close to the nozzle and see if that helps


      I found something super simple, but not so intuitive as the problem (actually 2 problems) and did not include the first layer being thin.

      first was the extruder.
      I checked again at the stepper. The gear was not clogged with plastic, so I added shims to the spring to provide a tighter grip for the stepper. No luck.
      I then disassembled the hot end and found that the ptfe tube was not fully seated at the back of the nozzle so it allowed filament to spread and partially clog the feed to the nozzle. I cleaned that out, reseated the ptfe tube, and still did not fully fix the problem.

      Second was checking firmware again, & again, & again.
      I finally got almost suitable printing, so I redid my calibration for sizes and found that for a 20x20x20 cube I was only getting 20x20x18.
      It turned out the Z steps per mm was only at 90% of what it should have been.

      Getting that reset and new firmware loaded with new calibration numbers and now each layer is a full 0.2 as expected and sizes are spot on in all X, Y, & Z axes.

      So it turned out there was actually a filament/extruder problem, as well as too thin layers (all but the first layer) causing the restriction.

      I am now doing the all-in-one calibration print from thingiverse as a final check (6+ hour print), but first layer and the 20mm cube all seem good right now.