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Please help print PETG in Ender 5

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    Please help print PETG in Ender 5

    Hello!. I just bought my 2nd printer, an Ender 5 and I want to leave it ready to print in PETG, since the other printer I have is ready to print PLA. As soon as the Ender 5 arrived, I changed the extruder that comes from plastic to a metal one (I mean the system that pushes the filament through the teflon tube), I also changed the hotel from serious to an ALL METAL, and then install a 0.3mm nozzle to the hotend. Here began the suffering. When printing, the filament got stuck and only droplets came out at the beginning, so that the temperature increased from 240 to 250 and the molten plastic came out but for a few moments it got stuck, the retraction was regulated and left in 1mm, and it got less stuck but the filling does not print, only drops came out. I lower the speed from 60 to 40, I improve but the same time I do not print the filling. I slowed down to 30, still the same. I changed the hotel for the one that comes standard with white teflon tube and 0.4 nozzle. I exchanged the standard teflon tube for a capricorn that just bought and achieved these impressions that I show you in the attached photos. The configurations that I have with the standard hotend are:

    Print temp: 245

    Maybe your new extruder has a different extrusion multiplier. You can look up how to change it on YouTube. Maybe search for the extruder you bought to see what others have done.