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Dual extruder PID Tuning

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    Dual extruder PID Tuning

    Hi all,

    I am having my own made 8nos of 3d printers. In that 6 are single extruder 3d printers and two are Dual extruders.

    MY single extruder machines are giving excellent results. But coming to Dual machines, facing serious issues regarding the temperature.

    Having Chimera hot end. I did the PID tuning for first extruder and second extruder separately (By using M303 E0 and E1 seperately after cooling the nozzles to room temperature). Both are almost same. When I am printing, the temperature is fluctuating of 10 degrees. If I set 210, it is fluctuating from 200 to 220. Print results also not good. I tried insulating the heater blocks with Kapton tape. Somewhat reduced, but still the fluctuation is there by 8 deg.

    This kind of issue I never faced with single extuder. If I set 210 in the single extruder, it will max fluctuate 1 deg only and the results also will be pretty good.

    I am really confused with the PID tuning of Marlin. How does Marlin consider the PID values for two extruders?. Why this kind of temperature fluctuations?

    Also, when printing with PLA, when giving the temp of 210 itself, I am getting some burning smell. So, even I tried to print with 185 also. Still I am not able to get proper results.

    Anyone having experience with Marlin Dual PID and having good results.


    Wow, Selva, well done on that good a result from "Home Made". Care to share your story, referenced materials? I would like to learn more about how these machines work. You seem to have it down to a tee.