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Please Help! Can't get a smooth print.

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    Please Help! Can't get a smooth print.

    Hi Everyone,

    I am new to the 3d printing world so bare with me. My first 3 prints went "well" but since I have had issues getting a smooth print. I've tightened the wheels on the bed, I've done the paper method & I've tried to do the square test print by CRED. Here is what I have been trying to print:

    Here is the G Code with the current settings I'm using:

    Any advice would be appreciated! Let me know what I am doing wrong. I'd also like to print with ironing but that almost makes it look worse.

    Hello Guys,
    The most fundamental way to increase the quality of the 3D print is to make sure that the bed is level and the nozzle distance is set properly.
    Besides, if you are looking for quality 3D printers, you can get them online from a good store such as 3D Printers Bay
    I hope it will help you
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