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  • haroldj1956
    Nylon is not reccommended unless you have an all metal hotend. You can upgrade the hotend on an ender3, but is it worth it.
    You don't want to turn down the fan speed as that will cause temperature creep. The hotend is designed to stay cool in the top portion (thats why all the cooling fins), and hot at the bottom to melt the plastic. The small portion between the two is called a heat brake for a reason. It keeps the high temps in the heater block down and the fan keeps the upper part cool. Heat creep will let the plastic melt in the heat break and work its way up and you will have a big mess and a bunch of work to clean it up again.
    If you really want to try Nylon, Upgrade the hotend and save yourself some headaches.

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  • bubberttookthetrain
    started a topic Help me!

    Help me!

    So, I have an ender 3, and I'm relatively new to 3d printing. I got ahold of some nylon filament, and I really wanna do a few prints with it, but my printer is having problems hitting any temperature past 220 degrees. I was thinking that maybe it wasn't receiving enough power, but I don't think that that's the cause of the problem, which lead me to fan speed. Is it safe to lower fan speed for high temperature prints? I have heard about PTFE tubes melting and being a nerve agent and all kinds of shenanigans like that, and I also don't to break anything. Advice?