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Makeing bed leg bug traps, what printer and filament for a beginner?

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    Makeing bed leg bug traps, what printer and filament for a beginner?

    I have never used a 3D printer or 3D software and need some advice.

    My first project is to build a bug trap for bed legs and other furniture legs. I.e something custom that is a slim and discrete version of what you can buy off-the-shelf like

    What printer should I buy? I can solder and is quite handy with mechanical things but I do not want to spend my time on assembling, modifying and constant calibrating. Well, some assembly is ok but I want something that is easy to get up and running.

    FlashForge Finder get positive reviews on Amazon and I can buy it locally. But from I understand it limits what filaments I can use? I was thinking a printer in the $300 to $500 range.

    When it comes to filament, what do you suggest for this kind of application? I assume a double bed leg in the worst case can pressure with 400 pounds. And if pushing the bed when cleaning it needs to be of the kind that doesn't crack that easily. The bug trap moat will be filled with cooking oil.

    PLA is said to be made from corn starch or sugar cane, will not insects eat it?

    Would really appreciate your advice!

    Flashforge and similar printers do have some limitations as to what temperature or filament and even what reel sizes you use and cost more. I would look for creality ender4 is interesting but more of the diy type printers and avoid acrylic type frames if you can look at prusa mk3 they r good starter not at the bottom of a chinese barrel..try to avoid anet.. also look at some of the groups here that are specific to printers. You should start with PLA but for what you plan to print needs PETG to be stronger.. ideally nylon would be stronger but very hard to print for beginners


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