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Filament Not Coming Out When Printing

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    Filament Not Coming Out When Printing

    My name is Ricky, and I recently got a Tronxy 3D printer for Christmas. I am printing things out using Cura software. Recently, I have noticed 2 things. The filament is not sticking to the bed. Also, when printing, not all the filament comes out the extruder and it leaves gaps in the object. What can I do for these? Thanks.

    Non-printer specific info:
    - Not sticking: Have you tried anything to make your print stick yet? Hairspray, build mat, that sticky mixture? Is your first layer smushing down onto the plate or is it still nice and round? It helps if you zero your board to be tight so that the first layer smushes down and gives a better area surface to stick to. Are you using a heated bed?
    - Gaps in flow: Do you have good tension on your feeder gear? Have you tried cleaning out your extruder block and nozzle? It could be a piece of debris or dirt blocking the flow (do you get the curly pigtails when you extrude into the air?). Monitor your extruder temp while printing to make sure it is not getting cold during the print (loose wire or not set hot enough maybe?). Does the rest of the print look good besides the gaps? You might need to slow down travel speeds or increase flow rate to keep up with the movements. If this is a build kit printer, did you remember the PTFE tube inside the extruder and is it the correct size. If there is a gap between the tube and the nozzle, you can get back pressure which will cause flow breakage.

    That is the experience I have gained so far, hope it helps.


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