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some advice on filaments etc please

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  • Tuffin
    started a topic some advice on filaments etc please

    some advice on filaments etc please

    I have a grandson who has saved up for a basic 3D printer, A8 Prusa i3, and I would like to buy him some filaments for Christmas. He uses filaments like icefil 1 crb 138 and PLA high precision printing filament. I was hoping to find something a bit more exotic that he probably canít afford to buy but Iím aware it needs to suit his printer. Any ideas? He is totally absorbed with this and designing small items he can sell at school so he can afford a bigger and better printer! I feel this should be encouraged!

  • Roger3D
    Pla is a bio degradable filament that eventually breaks down especially in an outdoor environment. Some exotic filaments are hard on nozzles like metal filled etc. and others like nylon require special extruders for higher temp, and flexible filament . I would suggest using PETG which can be printed below 220 C and heat bed not needed or a Copolyester and avoid flexible type filament that tangles in some extruders.

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