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Beginner what to pick. Ender 3 pro or A10M

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    Beginner what to pick. Ender 3 pro or A10M

    So ya. Total noob here.

    Just wanted to start with 3d printing and was wondering what to pick.

    Creality3d Ender 3 pro:
    singel color printing
    Better psu
    Fan now on the underside instead of top
    no boot loader
    And as far as i know better community support as of yet

    Geeetech A10m :
    duel color mixing
    Based of old version of Ender 3 but with
    improved memory
    improved glas bed (but not removeble) Also downgraded screen.
    Comes with bootloader
    (If i go for this one i will take wifi and auto bed leveling with the package.)
    Also more expensive

    I believe both benefit of the steppermoter dempers and tl-smoother

    Still im not sure if i sould spend the extra buck for a10m or if it is really good. Because lack of good info about it.

    Any help/advice would be welcome

    Geeetech tend to produce knock-offs of other manufacturers' product. The quality is questionable at best.

    I would go with the Creality Ender 3 Pro. At least the extra money you spend over the standard model goes towards better quality components.


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