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    I have a tronxy x8, i thinks its an Anet a8 clone...Last night I was printing something and I walked away from my printer for about 15mins and came back to it stopped and turned off. It would not turn On when I would click my power switch but it would make a ticking sound inside the power supply box and my LCD screen would just flash but turn off right away also the fan Inside the power box would turn on and turn off right away as well. This morning I tried turning it on again and my LCD screen turned on and stays on as well as the fan inside the power supply box and turns back on and stays on after I turn it off and the ticking went away BUT, now even though those thing are turning on now My LCD is just blank no numbers/letters, when i plug the printer to my computer it makes the sound that it normally makes when something is plugged to it via USB, also while having the printer plugged in, if I click connect on repetier host, it says it's connected but I can't send any commands to my printer and in the log it just shows a bunch of "?" Also, my hot end turns on and Gets hot by itself, keep in mind that I can't send any commands to my printer for the hot end to turn on I'm not sure what to do please

    Also just discovered that one of the hot bed. Cables got broke from the solder
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    well you need to repair the temp sensor wires or prints will shut down, however if the power supply fan fails to stay on it could be bad check output voltages depending on your model could be 12 or 24 volt


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