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Looking for Large 3d Printer (SLA/DLP or FDM

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    Looking for Large 3d Printer (SLA/DLP or FDM


    To give you a bit of background I make scale car models, but large scale so 1/8 +
    The largest model I have had to make is 650MM long 30MM wide and same height, I used to source all of my work out to print service places that made them for me.

    I want to ramp up production and am looking for the "best" 3D printer for the job, at a reasonable price,

    The body of the car model has to be smooth with no lines, my understanding is that DLP/SLA is the way to go, but:
    1) I can't find a good review on them,
    2) Cant find one that has a large build base that I require
    and 3) of course the Super costs involved if getting one.

    So does anyone know a good DLP/SLA printer that is capable of handling jobs my size? I am thinking about getting a FDM for the shell, then work the lines out with sanding etc, and then a smaller SLA for the detailed interior parts, wheels etc etc.

    Can anyone recommend a good accurate FDM printer capable of handling my jobs?


    Hello TRMC,

    What is the size you're looking for in the FDM printer? 650mm is quite large, even to factory FDM standards. There are printers that can handle that size, but they are quite expensive. The materials printed will be a critical component than aswell.
    SLA/DLP printers are available in larger scales aswell, but are also very costly. So the first question would be, are you willing to dig deep in your bankaccount?
    A FDM-printer that size would easily be over $10,000. Triple that amount for SLA. DLP doesnt come in that size (yet).

    Or build one yourself, but be ready to do alot of study in material- and design-study.

    Greetings from AMR_Europe


      There are two very good 3D printers which could be suggested:
      • J Group Robotics Dimension Dual Delta Xl 3D System (Build Volume- 650 mm x 480 mm x 850mm)
      • 3DISON H700 Professional 3D Printer (Build Volume 600mm x 600mm x 600mm)
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