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Issues since trying ABS-ESD7 - Prusa i3 MK2S

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    Issues since trying ABS-ESD7 - Prusa i3 MK2S

    So I built the MK2S kit about a month ago, went super smooth. Everything tested smooth upon initial startup, and it was printing PLA flawlessly.

    This week I tried printing pieces in ABS-ESD7 from 3DXTech. I had to mess with bed temp on the first layer a couple of times to get it to stick (ended up at 110 for all layers). The first piece came out fine but when I went to print the next (same file), nothing would stick to the plate and I ended up with a huge glob on the nozzle.

    Figuring this might have jammed it up, I followed some instruction I read (I think on here) and from a video - basically take the extruder fan off and turn the temp to around 280 (for a brief time). This "should" melt any plastic stuck in there and clear it out. I also stuck a tiny needle into the nozzle to help clear it out.

    I reloaded the media and it seemed to come out OK again so I started that print job. Success!! (or so I thought) The first ten layers worked great and then the printer threw a "bed temp runaway" error - never got that before. I cleaned the bed, restarted the print, and then it was back to the same thing - won't stick to the bed, gets gooey at the nozzle, etc.

    I repeated my cleaning procedure and then opted to try the print in PLA - this material never showed any issues. However now I'm getting the same exact problems - not sticking to bed, the test line it prints in the front corner appears coily, and the filament just turned into a gooey mess on the nozzle.

    I've got to print these ABS parts for a project at work so any help would be most appreciated!

    Possibly although nozzle hole is clear, there may be debris inside. Change the nozzle and see.


      So last night I gave it another try - pulled fan, heated to 290 this time, let it run for maybe 3-4 minutes and ran through "load filament" even though I wasn't putting anything in there. This made some filament come out from the nozzle and after I reinstalled the fan it looked like the filament was properly feeding through. Yay!

      So I decided to give it the true test and do a print run. I tried PLA first on a 2hr print and it came out flawlessly. Then came the true test - the ABS-ESD7. Same print as the PLA run, and it seemed to be going perfectly until about 75% of the way through when again I got a "bed thermal runaway" error and the print aborted. Seems like I have the nozzle issue fixed now but this runaway bit throws me.


        Sounds like the thermocoupler might be either going bad, or a bad connection. Can your software watch the temperature of the hot end to see if it is measuring correctly and constantly? You should have a swoop up and down a few degrees but it should stay near setpoint. Also try reconnecting them at the board. It could be that when the carriage is raising, it could change the stress on the wire and a bad connection can come undone. I've not faced this but it is worth a shot. Also, some kits come with an extra thermistor, if the connections are good but the readings are bad, you might consider replacing it and seeing.


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            I think you messed with the filament settings of your 3D printer and did not adjust them accordingly when changing the filament. Due to this, the 3D printer might not be accepting the original working filament too.
            Change the nozzle and readjust your 3D printerís filament settings.
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