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Winter Soldier Working bionic arm -- is it possible?

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    Winter Soldier Working bionic arm -- is it possible?


    I am noob noob to the 3D printing stuff, so here is my question: can this work?

    I am thinking about downloading some blueprint or editing it on my own of Winter Soldier's bionic arm. I will use some rubber like material so it will nicely stretch over my arm. Next, I will use some chrome or chrome like paint to make it feel/look metal. I will sew parts together over some sleeve base so it will fit together and make illusion of actual working bionic arm. In other words, something like knight's plate armor arm with exception this will be rubber, chromed and above all, working something similar to what you could have seen in the movie - it will adapt to my arm moves.

    Do you think this has a remote chance to be successful?

    Thanks for opinions!


    One thing I already feel uncertain about is the chrome idea - I think as I will stretch arm with my movement it will destroy the paint. so maybe I should use printing material that already resembles metal? Maybe?


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