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Best unit that prints nylon for about 500$?

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    Best unit that prints nylon for about 500$?

    Hey guys, first time poster.

    I am currently looking into buying a versitile printer that is capable of printing nylon, metals and other non-traditional filaments. I've been considering the Robo R1 or Robo C2 because it seems to be one of the cheaper units that will print nylon.

    Now if i understand correctly, the hotends are the most important aspect for nylon printing, correct?

    Can you guys give me any advice on some other printers that will print nylon for about 500-1000$?

    Thanks in advance!

    Basically any printer can print whatever you like within its size limits. The main thing to look for is its accuracy and stability. As far as exotic filaments things like nylon require a hotter temperature than what some hotends esp teflon lined can handle so it is the hotend you upgrade to eg the Dyze hot end can do 500 C material for nylon and other high temp material. When looking at flexible filaments the extruder hot end combo made for that material like the Flexion as some extruders end up allowing the filament to curl and jam ( best with non bowden types). As far as metallic filament you need the nozzle to be of hardened material to withstand abrasive material or be prepared to replace brass types frequently.. So you can use any good printer and just add a good quality hotend /extruder . You want a hotend where the nozzle gets hot but not the throat. Liquid cooled hotends may be a choice.


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