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Please Help...FLSUN QQ Delta Printer Mega Problems

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    Please Help...FLSUN QQ Delta Printer Mega Problems

    30+ hours into this rectangular print, my printer just starts printing nonsense up and to the right as seen in the pictures. There is nothing that resembles this in the STL or sliced file, I have no clue why it's doing this. Also, now when I press "home" on my printer to set the print head to the home position it makes loud mechanical clicks and pops that sound very unsettling. Is this something going on with the belts or something? Is there a way to reset the thing? I've tried greasing the vertical rails to cut down on vibrations and stuff but it did not help. The printer I have is an FLSUN QQ have video clips of what its doing but this forum will not let me upload video files. I'd be happy to send them to anyone who can help. This print was coming out beautiful and then disaster sprouted out of the top right side of it.

    I took the printer apart and found that one of the stepper motors was crooked and popped open. I fixed it thinking that this was the issue and tried to print the same piece again. Disaster again right around the same time. The only thing I can notice that my printer does that is questionable is that it has a lot of vibration in a certain area of the Z axis, right about the height that this happens. Any thoughts? Please help. {"alt":"Click image for larger version

Size:\t1.74 MB
ID:\t115969","data-align":"none","data-attachmentid":"115969","data-size":"medium"}{"alt":"Click image for larger version

Size:\t1.77 MB
ID:\t115970","data-align":"none","data-attachmentid":"115970","data-size":"medium"}{"alt":"Click image for larger version

Size:\t1.81 MB
ID:\t115971","data-align":"none","data-attachmentid":"115971","data-size":"medium"}{"alt":"Click image for larger version

Size:\t1.73 MB
    It just started printing that piece coming off the top right edge, no idea why.
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    Hellllllllloooooo!!!!!! Heeeeeeellllp!!!!
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      I have the same problem with the exact same machine. I've contacted support and gotten responses but their solutions don't fix the problem. If anyone comes with a solution please post it!


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