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Anet A6 motors not working

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    Anet A6 motors not working

    I just built my anet a6 3D printer and I plug it in and everything seems to work ok but when I go to try and adjust any of the motors, none of them are moving or doing anything. I figure it to be a problem with either the main board not outputting power to the motors or when I call for the motors to adjust via the knob/lcd screen itís somehow not connecting. Any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated thanks.

    I am an A8 owner but the A8 uses the same same controller board as the A6 and I have to say you really need to carefully check all of the connections.

    It is worth removing the board and checking that you do not have a dry solder joint on any of the connectors.

    It is not likely to be software or the motor hardware.

    The only alternative is find another user in your area or buy a second and start swapping parts but I know this is probably not viable.

    That's why I say check the wiring and connections.

    Its a bit like your car won't start the first check should always be is there fuel in the tank but don't rely on the fuel gauge.


      Additional check your mechanics are not binding you can do this by disconnecting the mechanics so there is no load on the motors.

      Remove any belts disconnect any shaft joints.


        What is occurring when you try and step the motors in one direction? Can you home the x-axis? Do they make motors make any noise? What is the status of your end stops? Do they work when you enter the g-code, "M119"?


          Check the power connection cables and see whether they are connected properly. Also, there could be some troubles with the main board which could be affecting the working of Anet A6 3D Printer.

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