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    Looking for my first printer

    Looking for my first printer, been watching the 3d printer tech evolve pretty closely for past few years and im finally ready to dive in. But there are so many on the market ive got to a point im having a hard time pulling the trigger on one.

    Ill start by listing what i want out of it. I want to be able to print usable parts, im not a artist type looking to print knick knacks to put on your desk or figurines, im looking to print parts that work for way to many hobbies to list. Thus PLA printing ability is pretty much irreverent to me as PLA is useless for structural parts IMO, it cant even take sunlight. Maybe useful for prototyping but not for actual will see use type of parts. So the focus will be on ABS printing ability to start off as at least ABS can take some abuse. But where i really want to be is having the ability to print in Nylon.

    So basically i need a budget printer thats great with ABS, and has the ability to be upgraded down to road to handle nylon. Then if that goes well i may later purchase a nylon specific printer.

    So im looking for a starter printer, i realize i may need to upgrade to get to where i really want to be but to start will just get a budget printer. Budget around $500 for base printer, upgrades can be ontop of this.

    Absolute must haves, dealbreakers if you will:

    - Open sourced, do not want to be locked to one vendor for anything
    - Heated bed either stock or available as option down the road, i understand this is needed for nylon printing.
    - Ability to upgrade to hardened steel nozzle, again something needed to print Nylon.
    - Ability to heat nozzle/filament up to high enough temps to use Nylon
    - at least 6"x6" printing surface
    - Would prefer a kit, so i can assemble it myself and get to know it and how it functions but this is not a 100% dealbreaker.
    - Stand alone printing, no tethering to PC needed. Would prefer USB stick to print from but Wifi would also work IF it allows printing from a Android wifi device(IE i must be able to use this without a PC).

    Any suggestions?

    You should consider using PetG instead of ABS and it is not bio degradable or the Copoly types. PetG does not require a heated bed or real high temperatures to print. I use PLA to make prototypes because it is cheap and easy to work with and if the design works I print it with PetG to last. I have never used or need to use ABS. Flexible filament requires a decent extruder to keep it from curling and jamming. Nylon requires a high temp hot end and some experience with settings. I would at least start with a roll of PLA to get to know and calibrate the machine. I started with an Afinibot basically a Prusa I3 type and still use it lots and finally designed and built my own that can print anything under 500C. If you want fully open source stuff you need to check out RepRap Forums as well. You would need to be able to modify, compile and upload firmware to suit your needs as well as connect and wire up the electronics. It can become a very involved hobby or occupation. For high temperature DYZE makes a nice extruder/hotend with optional water cooling with 300c and 500c version adaptable to most printers with stainless nozzles. Consider looking at the latest original Prusa MK3 or even MK2 comes in kit or assembled lots of videos on it. Anything is possible for the right amount of money. If I was to buy a higher priced machine I would look at the Axiom lines. To build from scratch requires knowledge of electronics, mechanics, stepper motors, computers and programming and good sources for parts, lots of research. So for us to decide for you give us a list of machines you like and folks on here will certainly give you the pros and cons.


      As per your demands, some of the best 3D printers you could obtain are:
      • Wanhao Duplicator i3 Mini
      • i3 Mega Ultrabase 3D Printer
      • Wanhao Duplicator i3 V2.1 Steel Frame
      • FLSUN CUBE Large Scale 3D Printer Kit
      • Tevo Tornado 3D Printer
      All these 3D printers are available at cheap prices on ‘3D Printers Bay’ and you could get them shipped free to your home.
      Tevo Tarantula is a Cheapest 3D Printer Kit Offers 2 Free Rolls of Filament with FREE Shipping . Supports Dual Extruder Auto leveling Upgrade Feature


        I decided to up my budget and get one that could print nylon out of the box, so i can move onto it once i get PLA and PETG(decided to focus on it instead of ABS, thanks roger for suggestion!) under control.

        I went with a Prusa i3 Mk3 kit. Should ship in march. Hopefully most of the teething issues are worked out by then.
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