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Cura not seeing 101 Hero on MacBook Air

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    Cura not seeing 101 Hero on MacBook Air

    I have a 101 Hero 3D printer. It worked fine on my old Win 7 Laptop (till that started acting up....) then I saw that Cura would run on OS X. So, picked up a MacBook Air (10.13.2), installed the OSX VCP driver, and can see "CP2102 USB to UART Bridge Controller" show up when I plug the printer in but Cura can't see the printer.

    I have tried Cura 3.1 and Cura 15.04.06 and neither recognize the connected printer.

    I'm at a loss where to go to next. The USB port works fine with anything else.

    Could reeeealy use some guidance on thisk

    Use what the supplier recommends!


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