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Bad first printing, looking for advices (Tevo Tarantula, Repetier and Slic3r)

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    Need Help: Bad first printing, looking for advices (Tevo Tarantula, Repetier and Slic3r)

    Hello everyone,
    I am totally new to 3D printing. I assembled a Tevo Tarantula and I followed some tutorials to make the first printing. D-Tech on YouTube, advices to print a cube (this one : as a first model, I used repetier-host and then Slic3r to create the g-code of the cube and then I tried to print the cube but here is my result :

    As you can see the cube is not smooth at all, it has some holes on the sides and I have absolutely no idea on what parameters I should modify to get a better result.

    I used PLA Filament (1.75mm) at 195 and the heated bed at 60, the infill has been set to 20%. Not sure what other informations I could give. If you guys have any advices, I'll take them.

    I also uploaded the printing timelapse on YouTube (2x faster) : (Not sure this can help but who knows).
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    short of writing an essay main issue under extruding assuming you have set nozzle diameter, filament diameter. You need to calibrate the extruder so that it extrudes 100 mm when you tell it to and not 99....98..or whatever mm. Since you have repetier host go to its web site and read all its info on fine tuning and calibrating things. Then you need to go to the Slic3r site and study its manual that you should download for future reference cause a lot of it you won't remember or understand right away. For now look into ' under extrusion ' and ' extruder calibration '. things like layer height and extrusion width and temperature and print speed especially perimeters and get back to us.


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