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Can somebody help me troubleshoot an old 3D printer?

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    Can somebody help me troubleshoot an old 3D printer?

    Hello everyone! (i hope i'm posting in the correct forum)
    I am new to 3D printing. I've been very interested in the field but have no financial capability to do so. My friend was able to borrow a 3D printer from his friend because he was busy, now that he got busy too, i got to borrow it. yey!

    Due to the long duration that the printer was not used, it got so dusty, and had even had a few cockroaches eggs inside. (yes, that bad :c) with that i cleaned it but not thoroughly enough. i plan to open it soon again and clean it with contact cleaner.

    The printer i am talking about here is this one: ( i was able to install the python driver as said in the manual, and also installed the ReplicatorG. I was also using arduino for a few projects before so i already installed the driver for the arduino mega.

    1st problem:
    with replicatorG i am getting this:
    [23:15:30] Could not load machine 'sk3dprinter' no machineNode found
    [23:15:30] could not load machine 'sk3dprinter' please check Driver-> <Machine Name>
    [23:15:40] Network unavailable or update site timed out.1

    2nd problem:
    with the 3d printer i am getting this <<cryptic display.jpg>> please see the attached screenshot with the display.

    i am fairly good at following instructions (except for the one provided here since it was in chinese and i dont know squat about it) and i have a little maker's background to understand things.
    Can somebody point me on what to do next? i am also wondering if i'm limited by the replicatorG for this printer?

    I'll greatly appreciate it and excited to work with you.

    have a good printing day!
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