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New to 3d printing need advice please

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  • New to 3d printing need advice please

    I've been watching youtube videos and looking online and trying to narrow down a printer. Would appreciate any help.

    So I'm looking for a printer under the $400 mark. A printer that would support STL files or other common known files that are shared online.

    I have one project I want to print which is STL file believe.

    MO better person to ask for advice than those that own 3D printers.

    Looking for reliability of printer, user friendly and if capable of using variety of materials, that's a plus.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Just starting out, I would reccommend buying a kit such as folgertech I3 or similar. If you learn all the mechanical things that can go wrong on a machine that you built, you will be able to fix any machine. Also, there are a lot of good 3d printers that you can download for free and print your own after you have a basic printer working (Wilson, OB1.4, Ecksbot, etc), just by downloading and printing the files from thingiverse. Just jump in with both feet and enjoy the ride.


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      I would echo Haroldj's advice. I got a kit when I started out specifically because I wanted to know understand how it works, and why. That has made the learning curve much, much more tolerable.
      I can't recommend anyone but Makerfarm. Colin is GREAT and his costomer support can't be beat.
      Many of these places don't want to hear from you once your credit card or paypal has gone through. Colin still helps me out when I have a question. Makerfarm is an American company, I think most of his stuff comes from the U.S.
      Maker Farm - Your source for 3D printing kits and electronics for RepRap, PrintrBoard, RAMPS, Gen6


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        I've only had a printer for about a month now, but I love my Monoprice Maker Select Plus; it's apparently a rebranding of the Wanhao i3. We chose it because it felt a little more user friendly than a build your own kit, but has a lively community that are more than happy to help you make changes to make it better when you feel ready to do so. Its potential to make decent sized prints (about 7x7x7) and use lots of different filament types were big selling points for us.


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          I bought a cheap chinese kit from ebay, worked great out of the box, ive since upgraded a fair amount on it and it still works great, i would agree with the buy a kit thoughts, that way you know how its put together and should anything go amiss you wont worry about taking it apart, plus you have the pride of building one awesome robot lol