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Whats up with my prints?

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    Whats up with my prints?

    prusa, i3 pro b, using pla, 200C, 60C bed, on a gt2560 controller (copy) and marlin 1.0.0( unupdateable firmware) << i should signature that really!

    anyway, after a few days printing, i suffered another blockage, and i found it in the ptfe teflon tubing. and after a couple of freeing ups, i bought some more.

    after receiving, i cut a new tube, straightened it best as possible and all is ok.

    except, the print is not streaming a decent 0.4mm pla line, its more like a 0.2mm line (gaps between the lines.

    i thought this was bad, and started writing the post, and then the hot end managed to unscrew itself and dumped the tube on the print...

    anyway, the second shot in the gallery shows how thin the filament is printing. i feel a blockage in the hot end maybe, but not sure how to clean it out? I've poked a wire through the hole and it all seems ok...

    what extruder/hot end do you have the removeable brass nozzle is best cleaned off the machine with a small torch and heat it red hot if necessary till all plastic drips out and the rest now charcoal can be cleaned out the small hole you should use a 0.4 mm drill bit to clean it out. acetone will not remove pla or petg. when you re install nozzle heat up printer to finalize its tight. settings to look at filament diameter, layer height, extrusion width, nozzle diameter and extrusion multiplier. The extruder also will need calibration. you may want to consider a new hot end like an e3d original not clone. most of those settings can be found online by searching 3d printer extrusion multiplier etc


      i need to acquire some tiny drill bits for this, however, i replaced the pfte, cleaned the internals and replaced the brass hot end. and got one good print.

      if i do tiny things, they're ok, but as soon as i go bigger than 4/5cm then i get warping. I'm currently playing with bed temperature, but its a fine line between getting the filament to stick, and keeping the filament gloopy so the hot end drags it the next time around!


        There are special nozzle unclogers, they do not damage hotends, unlike drill bits.


          Use the wire from a kitchen bag tie and push it through your nozzle. This should clean any blockage in your nozzle. Obviously you'll have to heat your nozzle up before doing so. Best to heat it higher than you usually would too.


          Will @ 3DEX Ltd /


            Also check the calibration on your extruder. It if either a clog or underextruding...


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