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USB connection between PC and 3D Printer

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  • USB connection between PC and 3D Printer

    Hello my friends,
    My name is Wolf.. it's not a joke....!
    And I'm from Belgium.
    My hobby are RC drones, and I needed next to a cnc mill a 3D printer.
    I have now a ANET A8.
    It's printing nice and good.

    But I have one problem.

    I can't get the Printer connected with USB.

    I'm working with windows7.

    In Device Manager I see under Ports: (COM & LPT):

    USB-Serial CH340 (COM9) with driver WCH.CN

    About the 3D Printer Controller! Not much Info..
    Only I can tell this, the processor is:

    ATMEGA 1284P
    AU 1637

    Here a scan of the board.
    Look at picture.

    I have tried to connect to the board using Arduino IDE software.
    But this did not work out!
    For me it's the first time that I'm using Arduino modules... and or Arduino IDE

    How I can know what firmeware is on the board ?

    How to make USB connection between PC/Cura and the 3D Printer.

    My best regards, and still Happy New Year



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    Firs You should have a firmware of 3D printer from supplier. You need Arduino IDE to upload firmware to board. If everythink is OK with firmware only then You can try to connect the board to PC/Cura using USB. Arduino IDE is used only for firmware upload. Another thing to consider is cable length and baudrate.


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      Hello Likimokalvis ,

      I was busy this night,
      On the controller is already a firmware. But I don't know what firmeware.
      I have gotten only printer, without manual!
      Inside a mail from seller, where 2 youtube links how put printer together.
      For the rest nothing.
      Inside printer menu, I found only one thing in configuration what can be useful for communication with PC.
      Is that the module/controller is set by default to 115000 bauds.

      To upload a good firmware, I must understand (find video) to learn how to use arduino/ide
      And as well the right firmware!



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        If firmware is uploaded onto board you do not need Arduino IDE. Now you need some kind of software like Repetier-Host, with it you can connect to your printer via USB. In repetier host all you need to do is to set parameters for your printer (one of them is baudrate) and everything should be fine.


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          As likimokalvis said, you only need the arduino ide to re-flash or update the firmware.
          to print from your computer (which is not recommended) you simply connect the printer via the usb cable and start cura or repetier-host or simplify3d and configure the correct port and baudrate.
          nothing more is needed.


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            additionally you may need a separate USB driver installed in your computer the software you got should either have it or a link where to get it and match compter to printer baud rate and com port


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