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Help with my prusa i3 pro b

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    Help with my prusa i3 pro b

    I just bought it on eBay for $145. I have it assembled though the directions were bad and incorrect. Used YouTube to help build it. I tried using move in menu but steppers only move in one direction. X only moves after going positive number and then moving back to zero. One of the y stepper motors will not move. I can swap the cables of the y and the other one willnwork, so I do know both stepper motors are functional. The z stepper motor only moves all the way until it slams outward but stepper motor keeps running.

    I would appreciate any help

    There are so many things that could be wrong.
    1. Check cables, maybe you need to connect them to motherboard up side down to get good directions;
    2. Maybe some end stops are missing (for Z axis);
    3. Reupload firmware.


      ok, to start with, i feel your pain. i have the same machine.

      the machine isn't very cleverly built and i have done a couple of minor modifications to mine, but to alleviate your issues.

      firstly, ignore all the software that is supplied and grab a copy of cura

      and repetier

      now, cura can print, but its not great, and repetier can slice, but its not great.

      download stl, plonk in cura (check settings), save as gcode, load into repetier, good prints all round.

      now, in repetier, stick your printer to the usb, add main power (ignore the small screen on the prusa) and click on CONNECT (top left)

      if all is working, then a load of text will flash on the readout at the bottom of the screen, and more importantly in the bottom middle it will say "marlin" (the firmware). its loaded with v1.0.0, and if you work out how to update this, then let me know!

      right, click on the right hand side, the box that says print panel, you'll see x y z, going down and the 3 home buttons. if you want your x to go to home, click x... but, before you do that, click the 1 / -1 button... this will move in small increments.

      now. i unplugged all the cables and added the stops first. your only using minimum stops , so xmin, ymin, zmin, these are labelled correctly... not on the supplied documentation of course.. on here; << this is your new bible!

      once your wired in, then attach your x motor to the x socket, click x +10 on the print panel, and the x should move to the right a bit, and if you've connected the xmin switch in the right place, then if you click home, it will move fully to the left (no adjustment needed here)

      repeat with the y stepper, and do the same test, (with the ymin switch and y+10 on the print panel)

      now the z is the one to be careful of. on mine, and likely yours, the bolt to define the zmin height missed the switch completely, and my first hit tore a chunky hole into the bed. helpful.

      using the z+10 button is not an issue, but don't hit the home button. just use -10 / -1 to lower the z axis until its just above the glass above the bed, and then you can set the nuts on the bolt to hold it in place...

      but seriously, this is a fkin pain the ass. i took my bolt completely out, and then superglued a nut to the top of the feed hole, and then screwed the bolt into it. then you can use a screwdriver to adjust without the faddle of trying to adjust 4 nuts at once.

      if of course, then nothing is working at all, then come back!


        Have the x version. One problem I had was I had tightened the belt too tight which stopped the vertical motors working ( I was surprised how slack the belt can be). Not done it myself but you can change the direction of the motors in the firmware.


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